How To Clean Your CorkYogis Cork Yoga Mat

How to clean cork yoga mat

Cleaning your yoga mat is easy when it's self-cleaning! 

How do you clean a CorkYogis cork yoga mat? We get asked this question so often and the first answer is no need to clean. Cork by its own nature is self-cleaning. Cork is naturally antimicrobial — it contains compounds called Phenolics which kills bacteria and fungus. This keeps your mat clean and free from smelly perspiration and body sweat odours. Whilst synthetic yoga mats often absorb and retain bad smells – cork naturally repels odours and emits a very subtle woody fragrance. This makes cork a great choice for hot yoga or for yoga studios looking to keep their shared equipment hygienic. If all that wasn't enough, cork is also highly sustainable and a great choice for the environment. 

No need to buy an expensive chemical cleaner. Simply use a mixture of water and vinegar plus bicarbonate of soda if there are some really strong, grubby, marks. NO need to soak or scrub – and don’t use expensive cleaners – they are not necessary and terrible for the climate. You can clean your CorkYogis cork yoga mat the natural way!

All of our natural cork yoga mats, whether bought individually or as one of our cost-saving yoga kit bundles, come with a spray bottle included - this is dual purpose! You can fill it with plain tap water and spray on your mat anytime you want to increase the grip to maximum strength. You can also fill it with the natural cleaning solution suggested above and use as a cleaning spray. No need to waste your money on expensive cleaning products!