A Thousand Times!

I am almost done with my 300 hours of YTT and looking back, I also calculated how many hours I have been teaching. I haven’t counted all of them super precisely, but over almost 6 years of teaching, it is close to 2000 classes. A lot. A weird thing is that the more I study, the more I understand how much more there still is to know and how little I do know. Never ending process!

In addition to teaching, there is also self-practice on and off the mat. So in reality, it is even more hours.  But the mat is the thing I wanted to talk about today. I got my first Corkyogis mat (a classic) almost 4 years ago and the travel mat as soon as it was launched in 2020 and I haven’t been practicing on much else ever since. I like how cork feels under my skin and especially like the grip of the travel mat. Of course, the fact that CorkYogis support a good cause is a bonus, but only a good cause is not enough to keep using something - the product itself needs to be extraordinary, and luckily, these mats are just that. 

Practicing at home, I usually use two mats laid on top of each other, but I always bring my travel mat to all studio practices. I have also brought it with me to teach workshops in other cities and even traveled abroad with the travel mat. 

And you know what – even if the recommendation is to keep it rolled or just laid out – nothing happens to this folded in the suitcase for up to 10 hours (maybe more, but I haven’t had the need). 

 So for me, the cork mats have been a real investment as both of them still look close to new – a super good result after they have been used over 1000 times easily. 

 Does your yoga mat compare?