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  • Child Marriage – it happens everywhere

    One of the many surprising facts about child marriage is how widespread it is. It happens on every continent. We often think of it as being an Asian or African thing – globally 1 in 5 girls is married before 18, but even if we look only at developed countries the number is 1 in 8 girls.  This is not…

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  • Child Marriage traps young girls in poverty and worse

    Child Marriage ruins lives: This week i have been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attending a conference of 480 people from all over 70 countries that focus on ending the practice of child marriage. The UN estimates that about 12m girls each year are married before their 18th birthday, often to men decades older than them. Child brides are usually expected…

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  • #MeToo…So What’s Next?

    The rise of the #MeToo movement has been astounding and quite frankly shocking with the numbers of women speaking out, but there is always been that little voice saying… what’s next? My experience (and perhaps many others) has been that society, very cleverly and somewhat subtly, blames women for all the injustices suffered by women. We haven’t spoken out enough,…

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