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  • Every Girl Deserves the Right to Happiness and Freedom

    Thanks to all the amazing people that have supported us since launch and thanks to all the new friends we have made since Dragons Den aired. This exposure is enabling us to give more donations to our partners in India who are doing some amazing work. We give donations towards the vital resources needed to deliver vocational courses in literacy…

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  • Destiny Cork Yoga Mat Charity

    Alo’s Story

    Alo’s story is a classic case of the injustices girls will face as a result of India’s heavily patriarchal society. Alo was born in Bangladesh and started working at a garment factory when she was 10 years old, where she would earn a decent wage but her hours often exceeded 14 a day. While she was there she fell in…

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  • Practice

    Develop Your Own Practice

    Developing your own yoga practice at home can be a great step in your yoga journey. Realising that yoga can be done anywhere and anytime can empower you and give you a newly found freedom to explore. Creating your own yoga practice can be intimidating at first, if you are used to attending classes or online yoga instructions, but establishing…

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