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How to clean you CorkYogis cork yoga mat

How to clean you CorkYogis cork yoga mat
April 3, 2020 CorkYogis
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How to clean your cork yoga mat?

How do you to clean a CorkYogis cork yoga mat? We get asked this question so often and the first answer is no need to clean. Cork by its own nature is self cleaning. Cork is naturally antimicrobial — it contains compounds called Phenolics which kills bacteria and fungus. This keeps your mat clean and free from smelly perspiration and body sweat odors . Whilst synthetic yoga mats often absorb and retain bad smells – cork naturally repels odours and emits a very subtle woody fragrance. This makes cork a great choice for hot yoga or for yoga studios looking to keep their shared equipment hygienic. 

No need to buy an expensive chemical cleaner. Simply use a mixture of water and vinegar plus bicarbonate of soda if there are some really strong, grubby, marks. NO need to soak or scrub – and don’t use expensive cleaners – they are not necessary and terrible for the climate. You can clean your CorkYogis cork yoga mat the natural way!

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CorkYogis was born from the idea that great technical performance can be combined with an ethical approach to business. Slipping around on a yoga mat is distracting and can be dangerous. We wanted a product that would have excellent grip even during a strenuous practice and we wanted a product that felt natural and real to the touch. Cork was the obvious answer. Surfers put a layer of cork on their surf boards to increase the grip. It if works for surfers, it must work for yogis!  CorkYogis was born.

The CorkYogis cork yoga mat has been featured on Dragons Den – watch here.

And being a natural product, shaved from the bark of the cork oak, cork mats feel much nicer to the touch than PVC and plastic ones. It is better for the environment too.

The only part of the puzzle left was to find a way for CorkYogis to support causes close to our hearts. I have always been passionate about supporting women and girls to fulfill their potential, especially through finding work.  So the work of the Destiny Reflection Foundation supporting victims of human trafficking in India was the perfect partner for our work and the perfect supplier of our beautiful yoga bags. Read more in the How we Give section.

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