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Destiny News!

Destiny News!
February 10, 2020 CorkYogis
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Destiny Reflection – Latest News

Destiny Reflection- Latest News. Several years ago Destiny took part in a film production called Stolen Innocence.

Destiny Reflection- Latest News. The film explores the issue of sex trafficking in South Asia and follows several organisations who help identify and support survivors. A few weeks ago the film was released on YouTube. The full film is available here, but you can also watch a special 8 minute outtake featuring Smarita, here.

Destiny Foundation is a committed team of people combating the immense injustices of human trafficking and the challenges faced by human trafficking survivors. They work towards empowering and educating survivors to learn skills to find dignified employment and create a better future.

To do this they provide free training courses in sewing and literacy to give the girls employable skills. They then sell handmade products made out of recycled saree material to create financial independence. The girls are also accepted in a family environment that they often never had, the girls are treated as individuals with their own individual journey and challenges to overcome. Their moto is ‘One life at a time’. Destiny Reflection- Latest News.

Finding a way to provide employment for women is one of the surest ways of improving life chances and reducing poverty. It’s been something i have worked on for years. CorkYogis provides a way to combine my passion for yoga with my desire to empower women less fortunate than myself.  We have an amazing partnership with Destiny Reflection supporting their work and providing jobs by getting the women to make our beautiful yoga mat bags.


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