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Cork yoga mats are antimicrobial

Cork yoga mats are antimicrobial
March 20, 2020 CorkYogis
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CorkYogis Cork Yoga Mats are antimicrobial

Studies have shown that your average gym yoga mat can contain more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat! Our priority at CorkYogis is to keep yogis fit on their spiritual journey. Cork is organically anti-bacterial so it provides the perfect clean and healthy surface for your yoga every time. CorkYogis cork yoga mats are antimicrobial.

Yoga really is important for boosting immune system especially if practiced on a daily basis. Inversions and poses which squeeze the muscles onto the long bones of the body, notably the thigh bone are good for stimulating the production of white cells, critical to immune response. As we are all now having to stay indoors, doing yoga is even more important for physical and mental well being. CorkYogis mats are antimicrobial – describe why cork cannot grow bacteria or virus on ths surface. Easy to clean.

Here’s a study – Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of cork. It shows the antimicrobial properties are effective against two of the most common bacteria e-coli and staph aureus which is the bacteria that causes eczema in large numbers of people.

Thank you again for all you for your support during these extraordinary times where keeping up with your practice is super important- here’s a promo we are running right on our cork yoga mats and all our products now:

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Some good news! We were recently on youtube again with the original founder of CorkYogis – to date it’s had over 200K views.

Lara Sengupta is pitching her ‘CorkYogis’ – natural, sustainable & ethically produced yoga mats. Lara’s seeking an investment of £50,000 in return for a 15% stake in her company, but Deborah has a bone to pick over her contradictory manufacturing… An international sensation, Dragon’s Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.



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