The Premium & Travel Cork Yoga Mat Duo

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Bought yoga mat mat Premium. Very nice differs for Practicality stability and you can do your own Practice in peace. Recommended. Even for beginners.


I bought your Cork Yoga Mat approximately 1 year ago and I absolutely love it! It's still in fantastic shape one year later and I have never had a mat with such great grip for inversions until I purchased this one!


Couldn’t be better! I quality is superb and the grip is fantastic. This mat is more on an investment but it’s totally worth it. This mat has made my practice so much better and I love taking it out every time. I even bought one for my mum too which she equally loves!


I love my CorkYogis mat, I find the natural feel of the cork on my feet very grounding and the grip is incredible! It's just the right size and has lovely cushioning to support my joints. I'm a newbie to yoga so this mat is great for me as it lets me try new poses without worrying about slipping. The fact that they also give money from each purchase to an incredible charity in India is just the cherry on the top!


Just had first practise on my new Premium yogi mat...hit all the sweet spots, the CorkYogi mat just feels so good. It has the right dimensions for moves that need extra space, grip and density are so much more supportive than other materials. Highly recommend you invest in a Cork Yogi mat, especially if you’re looking to buy from a conscious business.

Kadri Raig

The mat is extremely thin and really easy to roll up an take anywhere. It perfectly replaces a yoga towel I have been using on top of studio mats so far. But as a bonus, it stays firmly on the ground. As I prefer thinner mats anyway, then for me, the mat works perfectly on its own too when traveling. Totally in love with cork and never wish to use synthetic mats again.

Rita Barker

Beautiful mats. They look lovely and feel great. I am happy on every level . I bought 3 last year . I run a studio and would love that everyone had one of these mats. Love them in the ecological sense as well as the appearance and feel. Worth the price.


I'm a yoga teacher and I’m 100% sold. On a technical level – I LOVED my CorkYogis Mat. Way better than a Manduka mat. Sweat evaporates. Grip stronger. Smell nicer. Handstanding made easier.

  • Lay your CorkYogis travel mat flat with the rubber side down. 
  • Start your practice on either a dry mat or by using your CorkYogis extra grip spray bottle spray a little water where your hands and feet go for unstoppable grip from the very beginning.
  • After practice, let mat dry. Always roll the cork side out. Do not fold. Do not wear shoes on mat.
  • Clean if dirty with vinegar/water solution and bicarbonate of soda for grubby marks. Don't waste your money on “mat cleaners”.
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The premium set of cork yoga mats- one for on the go and the other for home practice.  

The CorkYogis Premium is our most luxurious mat. It's extra size and thickness gives unrivalled cushioning for those working with injuries, who like more support, and those who just like more space on the mat.

  • Size: 180 x 66 cm,  Weight: 2.8kg
  • Thickness: 5mm (1mm sustainable, Portuguese organic cork + 4mm recycled tree rubber bottom)
  • Extra grip spray bottle included
  • Cork is a natural product filled with micro air holes which stops sweat pooling on the mat.

The CorkYogis Travel mat is perfect to get back in the studio safely. Use as topper to studio mats and let cork's natural antimicrobial surface keep you safe. At 1kg this is truly a mat to take anywhere. Pick one up and go!

  • Size: 183 x 61 cm,  Weight: Only 1kg
  • Thickness: 1mm (0.5mm sustainable Portuguese organic cork + 0.5mm recycled rubber tree bottom)
  • *NEW* Alignment lines: help you perfect your asana/posture and allow your body to open in new ways.
  • Extra grip spray bottle included

CorkYogis Yoga Mats: 

  • Antimicrobial - viruses, bacteria, fungus do not grow on cork
  • Ultimate grip that improves as you sweat
  • Sustainable, cork harvesting stimulates tree growth
  • Low thermal conductivity - mat will always feel comfortable no matter what temperature your body is
  • Low maintenance, highly durable
  • Suitable for all forms of yoga, pilates and other exercise

Read more about what makes cork the very best yoga mat material.

We give 10% of our profits to the Destiny Reflection Foundation allowing them to train and give work to survivors of human trafficking and sex slavery. The women they support make our beautiful sari yoga mat bags, check them out!

Buying a gift and can't decide? Why not treat them to a CorkYogis Gift Voucher instead!


1 x The Premium Yogi - Premium Cork Yoga Mat
1 x The Traveling Yogi - Travel Cork Yoga Mat
1 x Extra Grip Spray Bottle

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