The Total Package: Cork Yoga Mat, Bag, Block and Bottle

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Nicole B

I love my cork mat (I bought the total package). It is a good thickness, and ‘flows’ with the floor, it’s very comfortable. The block, bag and water bottle are perfect, the bags a good size. It’s heavier than expected but that makes it feel solid.

Mark W

Bought the Total Package for my girlfriend's Birthday who is really pleased it. Beautifully presented and high quality makes it a perfect present. The Destiny Reflection Foundation seems a very worthy cause - very charitable of corkyogis.


I love the grasp I get during my practice, it gets even better when you sweat! The mat feels good and smells good too! (Could be thicker) I use it daily and I highly recommend it !

Cork Yoga Mat

  • Lay your CorkYogis mat flat with the rubber side down. 
  • Start your practice on either a dry mat or by using your CorkYogis extra grip spray bottle spray a little water where your hands and feet go for unstoppable grip from the very beginning.
  • After practice, let mat dry. Always roll the cork side out. Do not fold. Do not wear shoes on mat.
  • Clean if dirty with vinegar/water solution and bicarbonate of soda for grubby marks. Don't waste your money on “mat cleaners”

Our complete yoga package for eco-friendly yogis. 

This is the total package for the passionate yogis. It includes a Classic yoga mat, a handmade sari yoga bag (hand made from recycled saris), a cork yoga block and water bottle. Everything you need to build your practice.

  • Classic Mat Size: 173cm x 61cm,  Weight: 1.8kg. Thickness: 3mm (1mm sustainable Portuguese natural cork + 2mm recycled rubber bottom)
  • Yoga mat bag handmade from recycled saris by our charity partner Destiny Reflection. 69cm long x 26cm wide. Fits all CorkYogis'mats. Choose your bag color below.
  • CorkYogis block made from sustainable Portuguese cork. Size: 23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm.
  • Aluminum water bottle, 500ml.
  • Extra grip spray bottle included

CorkYogis Yoga Mats: 

  • Antimicrobial - viruses, bacteria, fungus do not grow on cork
  • Ultimate grip that improves as you sweat
  • Sustainable, cork harvesting stimulates tree growth
  • Low thermal conductivity - mat will always feel comfortable no matter what temperature your body is
  • Low maintenance, highly durable
  • Suitable for all forms of yoga, pilates and other exercise

Read more about what makes cork the very best yoga mat material.

We give 10% of our profits to the Destiny Reflection Foundation allowing them to train and give work to survivors of human trafficking and sex slavery. 

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Bags can only be added to cart once a colour is selected. Bags vary in colour and shade as they are made from donated saris.

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1 x The Colourful Yogi - Yoga Mat Bag - Multiple Colours
1 x The Classic Yogi - Classic Cork Yoga Mat
1 x The Balanced Yogi - Cork Yoga Block
1 x The Hydrated Yogi - Yoga Water Bottle
1 x Extra Grip Spray Bottle

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