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"I am the Founder of CorkYogis, we are a London-based social yoga company. I came up with the idea of CorkYogis after a trip to Kolatta to see my relatives. I am half English and half Indian on my dads side and have been out to India a few times.


I wanted to create changes for vulnerable women in India whilst combining the business with a passion of mine, Yoga."


- Lara Sengupta

Our Story


Cork Yogis was born from an idea I had when I returned from a trip to India. After my grandmothers death I wanted to find a way of donating her many sarees to a charity in her hometown of Kolkata.


After meeting several charities we visited Destiny, a charity that helps rescue young girls and women from a life of sex slavery and human trafficking.

Sex slavery is a growing problem in India. Poor families are often tricked into selling their daughters and sisters for a lump sum to help free the family from abject poverty. Some of these girls are as young as 12 years old.


Destiny works with young survivors of trafficking, teaching them skills to seek alternative employment. The charity is funded from products the girls make from recycled sarees and other fabrics. They were happy for the donation of sarees but I wanted to do more.


Yoga has always been a love of mine and I know how much it helps and empowers women in the west. I wanted to combine my passion for Yoga with my desire to help empower dis-advantaged women.


This is when I came up with the idea of pairing a new, environmentally friendly, super grippy yoga mat with a beautiful handmade yoga mat bag that can provide employment for women in need. Cork Yogis was born!